A variety of recipes from Annabel Langbein and our feature stories. Be inspired by their use of the freshest New Zealand ingredients and the best Artisan products.


Beetroot & fennel seed relish

This relish is delicious with cold cuts and salmon and just as good with a slice of brown bread and cheese. I like to finish it off with Al Brown’s orange and chilli oil.


Ana’s summer salad

This salad is quick and easy, perfect for those beach barbecues or picnics in the park. Golden Queen peaches are wonderful when used with cured meats or you could substitute with nectarines.


The Lucky Taco’s Flan caramel

1/4 cup sugar, plus an additional 4 tablespoons 1 egg 1 extra egg yolk 3/4 cup whole milk 1/4 teaspoon vanilla paste Melt the 4 tablespoons sugar and pour into 2 ramekins, just covering the bottoms. Beat remaining ingredients together. Strain mixture through a sieve then pour into ramekins and place in a bain marie [...]


Loaves from a rumpty caravan

We promised you Polly’s recipe for sourdough baked in her splendid new pizza oven (Tales from a rumpty caravan). Sadly, she and James managed to kill their sourdough starter so here instead is their current favourite, one that’s been passed around their Northland valleys for a couple of generations.


Marrow Bones & Crostini with Herb Salad

To begin, I served large platters of roasted beef cannon bones that had been prepared by the local butcher. When we moved from the city to our rural home, Fred surprised the Kiwi country girl in me by roasting beef bones in the oven and presenting the resulting marrow sprinkled with salt on a slice [...]


Chai-Spiced Apple Cake

Jess O’Sullivan of the chai truck (see Drinking habits story) says this lovely warming, moist cake is perfect for the colder weather and is dairy free.