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NZ Life & Leisure is all about New Zealand and New Zealanders…

In its seven years of publication, NZ Life & Leisure has become New Zealand’s fastest-growing lifestyle magazine, recognized with a clutch of awards and maintained by steadily increasing circulation and readership and a subscriber base that is both gratifying and quite astonishing in its loyalty.

In this time the magazine has introduced readers to scores of people leading noteworthy lives – those making their living off the land, setting up businesses where they see opportunities, choosing to live sustainably, sharing their resources and expertise with others and wholeheartedly enjoying life. In the spirit of its tagline “changing lives”, the magazine aims to stimulate readers into making their own dreams come true.

NZ Life & Leisure champions not only resourceful and determined Kiwis but also the New Zealand countryside. Beautiful landscape photography resonates with readers who often write to say they’ve been inspired to travel within the country because of a story they’ve seen. “I suddenly realized what a fantastic country we live in and how it is a real crime that I have not seen any of it” and “Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of the rest of this world” were two recent expressions of appreciation.

Although NZ Life & Leisure has never wavered in its original premise of celebrating New Zealand and New Zealanders, it has evolved over the six years to include features designed to keep readers up to date. Current issues carry pages about new technology, health and well-being, ways of life that promote fitness and care for the environment as well as ongoing favourites such as fashion and beauty, wine and food (NZ Life & Leisure is Annabel Langbein’s only media partner), travel, motoring and shopping. It offers everything that’s needed for a satisfying, intelligent and well-rounded read.

As well as being a joy to read, NZ Life & Leisure is a delight to behold. Photography is unsurpassed, layouts are elegant, writing is of the highest standard. No effort is spared in making it the best-looking and most interesting lifestyle magazine on the newsstand.

Published bi-monthly, NZ Life & Leisure costs $10.50 per issue or $50 for a one-year subscription.


Meet the team

Kate Coughlan TITLE: Editor

Kate Coughlan
TITLE: Editor


Jane Turner
TITLE: Sub-Editor


Cheree Phillips
TITLE: Editorial Assistant

Yolanta Woldendorp TITLE: Art Director

Yolanta Woldendorp
TITLE: Art Director


Tracey Yearbury
TITLE: Advertising Manager